Pregnancy Chiropractic at Eatontown Elite Care Center


Pregnancy Chiropractic in Eatontown, New Jersey (Monmouth County):  Dr. Jordan Kovacs utilizes the latest in technology to provide patients with safe & effective healthcare options during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic can help make pregnancy more comfortable by addressing altered biomechanical demand on the bones and muscles that support the weight of the fetus. Chiropractic care in non-pregnant women can help balance and alignment in the spine and pelvis, but during pregnancy that alignment is even more important. By reducing tension and misalignment in the pelvis, chiropractic can help the baby assume proper birthing position and reduce the risk of breech or transverse presentations. If you find that your baby is breech or transverse, the Webster Technique may be beneficial. Webster Technique consists of a set of specific adjustments designed to relieve the tight ligaments and muscles that create intrauterine constraint, which will allow your baby to turn itself into a normal, head-down position.

Dr. Kovacs has specialized chiropractic tables that allow for a late term pregnant woman to lay face down. In fact, he has heard many times throughout his career “I’d pay you just to lie down on your table!” Above is a picture of my 8 month pregnant patient lying on the table.  Dr. Kovacs enjoys adjusting pregnant women, and is well-suited for the job as he is well versed in many different techniques. Pregnancy demands will often involve changing techniques as the baby grows, from traditional to instrument and/or table-assisted adjusting techniques.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy,  call Dr. Kovacs today to schedule your consultation.


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